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Asaf Sirkis Quartet with Gareth Lockrane

Asaf Sirkis (drums)

Tassos Spiliotopoulos (guitar)

Kevin Glasgow (bass guitar)

John Turville (Fender-Rhodes)

Gareth Lockrane (flute).



Israeli born, master drummer and composer, Asaf Sirkis brings a wealth of distinctive rhythmic effects to an essentially, jazz-rock sound which has its roots in a rich mixture of Middle Eastern, North African and other influences.  Atmospherically ranging electronica from guitar, six-string bass guitar and Fender Rhodes will be coupled with creamy and bird-song textures from the ever-inventive flute playing of Gareth Lockrane. Garnished with sympathetic responses of percussive wizardry, Sirkis explains that a desire to create soul-touching music and melody lies at the heart of his writing. A thrilling night of musical artistry is forecast from an exciting group of top, jazz musicians. The Quartet will leave Shrewsbury to embark on a tour of China.




Asaf Sirkis arrived in London in 1999 following a variety of work in Israel with many local jazz and world music luminaries. This had included the formation of a band known as ‘The Inner Noise’ which unusually, combined church organ, electric guitar and drums. He reformed ‘The Inner Noise’ and began a long and successful collaboration with Gilad Atzmon, co-founding ‘The Orient House Ensemble’ and releasing 7 albums, one of which, ‘Exile’, was awarded ‘Best CD of the Year’ in 2003 at the BBC Jazz Awards. He left TOHE in 2007 to form his own trio and to concentrate on composing.  The trio’s third album, ‘Shepherd’s Stories’ was twice selected as best album of the year in 2013 on the ‘All About Jazz’ website. This also features Tassos Spiliotopoulos. Check out for more details of Asaf’s significant body of work and to hear sound samples. A master-class of drumming can be found in his many tips featured on Youtube.





Gareth Lockrane is arguably Britain’s foremost jazz flautist, majoring on this instrument rather than adding it, as it so often is, as a sideline. He formed his first band with fellow alumnus, Osian Roberts, from the Royal Academy of Music, becoming a finalist at the Vienna Jazz Festival. In 2000 he was a finalist in the Young Jazz Musician of the Year competition.   In 2002, he formed the band Grooveyard with saxophonist Alex Garnett releasing the CD  'Put the cat out' which went on to win the Best European Jazz Group award in the 2003 Granada Jazz Festival. Their latest critically acclaimed album is ‘The Strut’ (2012).  Septet and big band formations are amongst his continuing varied commitments which also include teaching at all the major London music colleges and an on-going wealth of successful collaborations.




Tassos Spiliotopoulos shares his time between Stockholm, London and Athens. He quickly became part of the UK Jazz scene and has worked with many of the country’s top musicians. In 2005, Tassos formed his own quartet with Sirkis, Robin Fincker and Yaron Stavi. The idea was to create a fresh sounding, contemporary group that combines lyrical, extended-form compositions with high energy improvising. Parallel to his career as a performing musician Tassos has also been active as a composer and has produced numerous titles for film, TV, games and web.




Kevin Glasgow was born in Inverness but began playing in traditional Irish music sessions with his parents in Northern Ireland. He returned to study popular music at Napier University in Edinburgh. He currently plays in a number of projects, including Tommy Smith’s ‘Karma’, Seb Pipe's 'Life Experience', the Nicolas Meier Trio+, Groove Razors, and Preston-Glasgow-Lowe. "This kid is a freak. He plays a six-string bass, and he does everything — taps, sweeps — and that’s sweeping on a six-string bass" -Frank Gambale.

For an example of Glasgow’s first-rate solo playing listen to the entire ‘Beatrice’ at




John Turville is an experienced composer as well as a trained classical and jazz pianist, and currently directs the E17 big band. He has toured the UK and Europe with Gilad Atzmon and is currently working with Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio, Tim Whitehead, Guillermo Rozenthuler’s folkloric quartet ‘Rioplatenses’, Dog Soup, and the Koby Israelite Group. John is also the pianist for many tango groups, including the Birmingham-based ‘El Ultimo Tango’ and Transtango, a multimedia project featuring Tim Garland and Eduardo Vassello.




“Since arriving in London from Israel at the end of the end of the '90s, Asaf Sirkis has earned a reputation as one of the world's premier drummers”

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz


“Israeli-born drummer and London resident Asaf Sirkis unleashes with thunderous abandon on this hard-hitting fusion offering that harkens back to a time before the genre became codified, diluted and reduced to a critical joke” .
Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times (USA)



...“Sirkis simply the most sensitive of percussionists”  Chris Parker


“Asaf Sirkis sounding creatively freer and more dramatically inventive than ever on drums”.

John Fordham, The Guardian



''Letting Go goes back to instrumental jazz-rock before it ironed out the creases and became an f-word’.
‘Sirkis’ magnificent presence is always tempered by an acute sensitivity to group principles’'.

Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise



''Sirkis continues to grow as a composer and leader, balancing subtly alluring introspection with dramatic release. This record will add to his reputation as an original and captivating voice''.

Ian Patterson, All abut Jazz


''Sirkis is just a joy throughout, whether surging at speed or adding delicate cymbal accents amid the brush strokes. Like all the best drummers and especially those who lead bands, he manages to enhance the playing of his band members while always determining the overall sound and character of the music through his distinctive rhythmic feel and strong musical character''.

Peter Bacon, Jazz Breakfast


''Sirkis himself drums with a good mix of power, intelligence and sensitivity and the album represents his strongest set of compositions to date''.

Ian Mann, Jazz mann


“Asaf Sirkis, the world class drum phenomenon reminiscent of Jack DeJohnette and Tony Williams at the height of their powers that's taken the British scene by storm over the last few years”...

Renaissance man




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